What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a term used to describe the display of up to the minute information on electronic displays such as LCD/plasma screens, projectors and LED boards. It is flexible, creates impact, increases brand awareness, enables micro-merchandising, enhances customer shopping experience, influences buying and decision making and ultimately increases sales.

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Content played on digital signage can be the same throughout the network or unique among any number of display devices. Information from multiple sources (TV, RSS feeds, Internet, databases and more) can be displayed simultaneously.


In most cases no special hardware is required. At the most basic level all that is needed is a display and a control device, usual called a player.


This local player (often a small form factor pc) will display the content on one or more screens as scheduled or based on an event or trigger.

Entire networks of displays can be managed from a single access point, anywhere with an internet connection. The system can support any number of displays and scale as the network grows. Redundant operation, hardware monitoring, content monitoring and feedback to a central management point are easy to provide through a number of excellent software options.


How much does it cost?

Starting from as little as R90.00 ex VAT per month, we recommend that you contact us for a customized quote today.


Where is Digital Signage Used?

Digital signage can be used wherever there is a need to communicate to individuals or large groups of people. Digital signage has gone mainstream and has joined the Internet, TV, Radio, and Print as a modern advertising medium. Wherever there is static signage, there is potential to replace it with digital signage. Some of the places digital signage is becoming more prevalent are:

  • Hospitality – Hotel owners across the country are quickly realizing the benefits of digital communications in improving customer satisfaction and increasing efficiency of operations. Hotel guests, especially business travelers, increasingly demand and expect information that will guide them as they make decisions on the road. Digital signage provides a way to deliver relevant and helpful information to guests quickly and efficiently and even enables you to provide customized content for conferences, weddings and other events on your property.
  • Corporate Environments - Often used in lobbies to communicate with visitors and customers, or employee areas for human resources and corporate communications, digital signage can provide the right message to the right audience at the right time. In manufacturing environments, performance metrics, current production requirements and education materials can be delivered to production areas for quality assurance purposes.
  • Education – Today’s media savvy youth have been raised in an environment unlike any seen before, rendering traditional methods of communication less and less effective. However, a well design digital signage network can capture the attention of this audience and engage them unlike any other medium.
  • Retail Environments – For timely advertising and impulse decision influencing at the point of purchase, digital signage provides a more compelling message. Many retailers and advertisers are seeing the advantages of in-store digital signage over traditional print and television buys. Recently, static signs have begun to give way to electronic, dynamically updated point-of-purchase displays that present targeted product information, instant coupons, and more.
  • Medical – Improve communications with patients and staff through well placed screens in your lobby, patient work stations (e.g. dental) and break rooms.
  • Restaurants– Menu boards are the primary tool used to communicate with your customers in your restaurant. Digital signage allows you to do that more effectively, more quickly, more often, easier and at a lower graphics cost.


Do we have to buy certain hardware?

You do not need to purchase any proprietary hardware. We can use hardware that you already have or if needed, we can help you get the hardware for your project. We have excellent partnerships with numerous display and computer companies to get you the hardware that your project requires.


What content types does the software support?

Media files: - avi, .mov, .wmv, MPEG2, MPEG4, Flash
Images: bmp, .png, .jpeg, .gif
Powerpoint: 2003, 2007
Web Content
RSS feeds



How long will it take to get my system up and running?

Depending on the magnitude of your project, it could take anywhere from a day to a week for a full-service project.


Will I need to hire and train someone new to manage my network?

No, hiring someone new is not necessary. The IndoorMediaChannel tm player software package does not need any configuration. All the content is managed, configured and deployed by our IndoorMediaChannel tm servers.



What type of applications for digital signage are there?

  • Event schedules
  • Information on specific nearby meetings
  • Food or product specials
  • Public safety notices for storms and other events
  • Meeting room, group gathering, shuttle departure announcements
  • Pool/health club, tennis hours and locations
  • Promote restaurants, stores and other vendors
  • Weather & news
  • Frequent traveler incentive advertising
  • Local business advertising and promotions
  • Community/sports events


What benefit is there to deploy your system in my hotel?

  1. Absolutely no cost to you apart from basic installation configuration which may be done by your inhouse technician.
  2. Desirable Demographics for advertisers - Competition is fierce online for the travel industry and for travel related businesses, with many PPC campaigns paying several dollars per click. Hotels provide solid targeted demographics which vary depending on the brand and class. Business travelers can be targeted during the week and leisure travelers can be targeted during the weekend. This is extremely attractive to advertisers.
  3. Hotels have extremely capable IT personnel and engineers. They can complete the installation themselves, expediting the installation and saving on labor.
  4. Previous experience with flat panel monitors - Most hotels have already upgraded the televisions in their rooms with flat panel monitors. Many have large flat panels in their bar, cafe, lobby, or elsewhere as well.
  5. Ability to increase your network without buying screens - You can pipe content from a media player through the in-room television system, automatically expanding the reach of your network with minimal investment.
  6. Hotels have strong relationships with local businesses - If the network is advertiser-supported you can play off these relationships to secure advertisers


What are some details about the backbone on which IndoorMediaChanneltm operates?

The computers at front end displays for only deliver images to their respective displays. That's it. All other features and functions are powered by a the content management central server hosting the main IndoormediaChanneltm web-application.


What does the term "media content" mean?

"Content", in the context of digital signage, is the name used to describe anything designed and displayed on screens. Content can be anything, including text, images, animations, video, audio, and interactivity. It has frequently been argued that digital signage relies on good content if it is to work effectively.

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