Keep Guests Fully Informed of Hotel Offerings - What are the pool hours? Do you have a weight room? Is there 24 hour food service? When is check-out? Displaying this information on digital signage is convenient for guests and reduces the number of calls to the front desk. It is also an excellent way to increase sales of fee-based services such as massage, concierge, pay-per-view movies and more.

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Keep Guests Up-to-date with News and Information - We live in an increasingly informed society and instant information about the outside world is no longer a luxury, but is a necessity for many travelers. Digital technology can connect your screens to outside data feeds from the internet, automatically updating your guests with the latest news, weather and local information. The network can even be used to inform travelers of emergency alerts or changing weather alerts as necessary.


Third Party Advertising Sales - Boost your revenues by connecting guests with local businesses through outside advertising. Run ads for local restaurants, limo and shuttle services, wine tours, museums, shopping and other local attractions as well as paid content to run during trade shows. This type of virtual concierge is helpful to guests and puts money toward your bottom line.


Way-finding and Event information - Give your guests a clear picture of the day’s events and all the details they need for how to get there. Interactive kiosks provide viewers with event information and destination maps, increasing guest satisfaction and reducing the strain on your staff.

Promote Restaurant and Bar Offerings - Digital signage positioned at points around a hotel can be used to advertise drink specials and menu items in hotel restaurant and lounges—and promote these facilities as ideal places to interact with clients and colleagues. You can even configure the screens to dynamically update throughout the day to reflect breakfast, lunch, and dinner specials, and spotlight what’s most appetizing.


IndoorMediaChannel is the ideal software to power in-house systems for hotels, resorts and convention centers. With guest and delegate turnover each day the ultimate in ease of use and flexibility makes an IndoorMediaChannel system the right solution.

With IndoorMediaChannel you can simply create a channel as part of your service to guest rooms and at the same time provide a feed to monitors through your facility for on-the-go communications.

Meeting schedules, restaurant menus, entertainment news, attractions and services are all just a glance away. Content is easily created and scheduled.



      • Show guests the time and location for upcoming meetings at your hotel or resort
      • Provide wayfinding maps, directions and room listings from the lobby
      • Promote value-added services like room upgrades and loyalty programs
      • Display welcome messages for conferences and large group events
      • Congratulate valued guests on their birthday, anniversary, or other special date
      • Let customers know about your on-site restaurant, gift shop, etc.
      • Deliver a hotel info channel, "barker" channel or in-house TV network to guestrooms
      • Show training videos and safety tips to employees
      • Reduce the load on your front desk staff
      • Provide guests with current weather and news information
      • Display emergency messages and alerts


Put IndoorMediaChannel to work in your hotel, timeshare or guest lodge now.



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