Patient Information Network - Most patients have 5-15 minutes of idle time in your lobby before meeting with a doctor. Lobby screens can reach patients with information before they even come back to see the doctor. Give them information about flu shots or new privacy laws; let them know you have a new website or inform them about service offerings they may not know about. Use the time when patients used to just read a magazine or watch network TV to reach them with relevant information that will increase the efficiency of the visit, Text Box:  improve customer satisfaction and boost revenues.


Way-finding and Site Information - Depending on your location patients and their visitors might need help navigating your facility. Give visitors a clear picture of facility layouts and details on the location of their loved ones and then help them get to them. Interactive kiosks provide viewers with information and destination maps, increasing satisfaction and reducing the strain on your staff.

Product and Service Information - Do you offer teeth whitening in addition to standard dental care? How about laser skin care or chiropractic asthma relief? The truth is that most of your patients enter your office unaware of the full scope of your services. Use signage in your lobby to advertise lesser known services or to highlight high-margin products. Encourage patients to visit your website for information about a particular malady or ask a nurse or staff member about financing options.

Third Party Advertising - Boost your revenues through co-op advertising campaigns as well as appropriate outside advertising. For example, dentists can run ads for dental hygiene products or for other doctors that offers complimentary services such as orthodontia. Depending on your location and clientele your office can even run ads for local restaurants, real estate agents or financial advisors as well as spots on upcoming events and other important community information.

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