Menu boards are the primary tool used to communicate with your customers in your restaurant. Digital signage allows you to do that more effectively, more quickly, more often, easier and at a lower graphics cost.

Here are some of the advantages of using digital over static menu boards. How would each of these aspects increase your sales?

Day Parting - Show different menu items at different times of day. There are no limits to the number of day parts you can use. You can even have menu variations based on city or region.

Text Box:  Better Product Promotion - Digital boards or kiosks can upsell better and more consistently than your employees. Make high margin or specialty items stand out with movement. Introduce new products more quickly and effectively; even have control to perform easy and inexpensive market tests.

Instant Changing of Content - Want to change price on an item, but don’t want to pay for all new signage or wait for new signage from the printer? No problem. Prices can easily be changed on any menu item allowing you to respond quickly to cost and supply changes. Many companies have found they can change prices throughout the day, charging more during high traffic periods or offering different portion sizes based on time of day. Items for sale can change quickly based on weather conditions, inventory, season, holidays and current events.

Appeal to Customers - Customers respond to and enjoy digital signage. Consider:

  • eliminating paper and plastics graphics shows your commitment to sustainable business practices.
  • increased capability and lower cost to do local promotions for local sports teams and events to increase sales and promote restaurants as members of the neighborhood.
  • bilingual content in areas with a high percentage of non-English speaking customers
  • you can use motion to attract attention and increase retention.
  • You can reduce the actual, or more importantly, the perceived wait time
  • You can add other senses such as sound or scent to stimulate the appetite.


Improve Your Brand - Your brand is your promise to the customer. From it a customer knows what to expect from your products and services and it helps differentiate you from your competitors. Digital signage can help reinforce your brand and your commitment to excellence an innovation in your market.

Entertainment Value - In addition to menu boards digital signage can be used in a number of other ways in restaurants including POS screens (back side of the register), drive though and bounce back screens (in areas where customers wait for their food) as well as other screens located throughout the dining or bar areas. Entertaining content such as local news and weather or music and sports videos mixed with coupon and discount information can be a great way to ensure repeat visits and build customer loyalty.

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