Today’s retail environment is more competitive than ever and research shows that over 2/3 of purchasing decision are made at the point of sale. This means that customers can and will be influenced by the signage in and around your retail location. Digital signage helps your business stand out from the competition and can be used to highlight high margin products, promote daily specials, increase brand recognition and much more.

Could your business benefit from the following?:

Text Box:  Draw Foot Traffic Inside - Getting customers into the store can be a struggle, whether you’re a stand-alone location, in a mall or in some other type of commercial location. Digital signage does wonders at enticing passersby, engaging their senses and catching their attention so they step inside. Smart merchandisers go a step further

Reach Customers At or Near the Point of Sale - Whether they’re in checkout lines or browsing the aisles, shoppers naturally hone in on what’s interesting. Bold, high-resolution moving pictures accompanied by a warm voice garner shopper interest more than traditional static merchandising such as shelf-mounted cards and signage, backlit transparencies, shelf talkers, and gimmicky flashers that tend to annoy shoppers more than they entice.

Upsell New and High Margin Items - Highlight high margin products or introduce new items with a splash. Use digital signage with to create an experience that sells a lifestyle, not just a product. No other merchandising medium can do that. And for soon-to-be-introduced items, drum up interest with content that teases in “movie trailer” fashion, so everyone’s excited about what’s coming soon.

Move Unsold Inventory - Need to move inventory that will soon expire and don’t have a good way to highlight your promotion? No problem. Digital signage software makes it easy to produce professional looking ads without the need for an in-house design team or costly outside production work. Template based ads can be quickly updated and instantly published to the network with just a few clicks of a mouse.

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