System Features

IndoorMedia offers a powerful digital signage software solution with a robust set of built-in features that allow you to get your message communicated in an effective, eye-catching manner.

With features including broad media playback capability, sophisticated data integration, digital wayfinding, and interactivity, the digital signage software offers its users a flexible solution designed to enhance the diverse communication objectives of companies in a variety of market segments.

The IndoorMediaChanneltm system comprises two main components, IM Content Manager (1) and IM Content Player (2), and allows you to control your entire digital signage network from a central location.

This gives you the freedom and flexibility to implement a comprehensive digital signage network throughout your entire organization. 

With additional software offerings available, like a web-based content management tool, IndoorMedia can offer you and your company a comprehensive digital signage solution custom-tailored to your organization's communication objectives.


IndoorMedia Content Manager

IM Content Manager
is the powerful application we use to build and deploy your digital signs.

With a drag and drop interface, built-in layout editor and multiple deployment methods, IM Content Manager is an intuitive system that allows you to leverage the content that you currently have to quickly get your digital signs up and running.

Advanced integration capabilities make it easy to connect to your data sources and dynamically output on your digital displays. Built-in interactivity allows one to create interactive pieces that drive the flow of your sign.



And specifying when this content should play is as easy as scheduling an appointment.

Once your signs have been deployed, maintain and monitor them using Content Manager's status and reporting tools.

Remote-control displays, audit and report on content statistics, and check for player issues all from the same place.

IndoorMedia Content Player

IM Content Player software is installed on the PCs that powers your digital signs.

Once your signs are deployed, IMContent Player displays your finished content and manages the overall experience for a reliable, high-performance system.

While in operation, issues and statistics are logged and reported back to IM Content Manager.

Maintenance tasks such as purging unused content, scheduling reboots, and powering displays can be controlled remotely.

The IM Content Player software is available for both Windows and Linux.


 Digital Signage is more affordable and easier to implement than ever before. It's no longer the domain of large corporations and retailers. Even small businesses can easily set up and profit from digital signage. Plus, you can:
  • Benefit from a choice of content-layout tools and ready-made layouts, empowering you to create truly professional-looking presentations—without adding creative and technical staff.
  • Get up and running with minimal training.
  • Easily deploy and manage your digital signage from any browser-based connection.
  • Get most or all of what you need upfront, so you're not burdened by ongoing licensing or SaaS fees.
  • Integrate it into an existing IT network without having to replace existing equipment, set up a separate operating architecture, or buy extra PCs.

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